Backflow Preventer Testing

At On Demand Plumbing, we prioritize your safety and compliance. Our Backflow Preventer Testing services are designed to ensure your business meets local and provincial regulations regarding backflow prevention.

Backflow preventer testing on demand plumbing and heating

Our Services Include:

1. Backflow preventer testing: We use specialized equipment to test the pressure and function of your backflow preventer to ensure it is operating effectively.

2. Backflow preventer repair: If your preventer isn’t functioning correctly, our skilled technicians provide repairs, safeguarding your plumbing system.

3. Backflow preventer installation: Need a new preventer? We offer expert installation to protect your plumbing system from backflow and cross-contamination.

4. Compliance testing and reporting: We conduct thorough testing and provide detailed reports, ensuring your business complies with local and provincial regulations.

Our dedicated professionals are certified experts, using cutting-edge technology to safeguard your plumbing system. Schedule your Backflow Preventer Testing with us today and ensure your business remains protected.